"I am SOOOO loving this course! You are making what I thought was abstract, way more concrete. With a formula, I can do this! Thanks for making sense of what was sort of confusing to me before, and for speaking in plain English... you make it all sound so clear and simple. You are a great teacher, I tell you! Really! You have a gift!" 

- Aimmee

In this FREE five-day course, you'll learn how to:

Overcome limiting beliefs 

about your decorating ability

Gather your inspiration

Pick a colour palette

Create a mood board

Make a plan of action

"I have just finished your course and wanted to thank you so much! I can’t believe how easily you have helped me to understand what I like in decorating. The best lesson was how to create a mood board. When I saw them online they used to intimidate me because I didn’t know how to use them. Now that I do, I am so excited to have a go! I can really see how I will be able to bring together the elements I like and see if they do actually work together – and all without having to make a purchase first. I have also found my dream colour palette. So easy and so gorgeous and such a very big help!" 

- Sherylee

Create a home you love.

Hi, I'm Karen. I'm a decorator with over a decade's experience and a portfolio of more than one hundred homes. I have a passion for teaching women that decorating can be simple and achievable... because everyone should live in a home they love!

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