Don't let chaos get the best of you.

As a busy working mum of four kids, I know all about chaos.

I used to think I was a pretty organised person... but having kids tested my organising skills to the max! 

Suddenly our home seemed to be inundated with a growing clutter of toys, clothes in ever-changing sizes, a flood of school paperwork, projects, library books, dates to keep track of, homework to complete, daily behaviour challenges to get on top of, and on and on... 

...and if we ever wanted to get away from it all for a few days, we had to pack for an army!! 

I knew it must be possible for our home to run more smoothly. If only I could dig my way out from beneath the mess and overwhelm to figure out how.

We needed a new system... for everything!!

The ironic thing was... I used to be a primary school teacher. I knew what worked to organise and manage a classroom of 30 kids. So why was it so much harder managing my own four??! 

I slowly began to realise that I already knew what to do. I just needed to apply the skills I'd learned as a teacher to my own home.

That's when a lightbulb went off.... and the KIDS. SORTED. system was born. I took every single pain point I had been struggling with for years and poured my heart and soul into creating smart, practical resources that would ease the burden for other Mums like me.

The first thing I noticed when I started implementing these resources was how much calmer I felt in my parenting. 

I no longer felt like everything in my home was spinning wildly out of control. Now I had the right tools to cope with every area I'd been struggling with. 

Want to know what the KIDS. SORTED. system can do for YOU? Read on.... and click any button below to find out more.

This complete, all-in-one system will help you:

Get chores done

Win behaviour battles

Banish clutter

No more nagging. Just motivated kids.

Be the calm and positive parent you've always wanted to be - and get better results.

Sort out the bug-bears of family life - toys, clothes and memorabilia.

Conquer paperwork

Get school sorted

Love the lunchbox

Show that incoming kids' paperwork who's boss.

Track everything you need to know and do.

No more lunchbox guilt, just better lunches with less stress.

Teach good habits

Enjoy school holidays

Organise all the things

We've got it all covered so you can take back your calm and enjoy parenting again.

Instil character by helping kids master important daily habits and routines.

More quality time, less "Mum, I'm bored!"


How Kids. Sorted is changing real homes...

"I'm a stay at home mum with 7 children. I love being organised so I'm always looking for good ideas to stay on top of the logistics of a big family! Especially since the kids are all close in age (9 and under), I find I have to stay organised to enjoy life! 

 I'm always trying to draw up my own charts and checklists but never seem to get too far because I'm just too busy and I don't enjoy working on the computer. I know I should try a bit harder but I just lack the creativity! 

 This is a brilliant resource pack that will have all your kids sorted no matter what their age! I especially love how you can print all the charts blank and fill them in to suit your own individual needs! Plus, to have access to an endless supply of charts for everything imaginable all in one place is a bonus for me! 

 Kids. Sorted. is just the inspiration I need to help me get my kids organised.”

"Oh my gosh what a game changer! 

I have a 4 year and and a 6 year old. We just moved into a new house, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to implement some new routines.

 We started with the chore charts and behavior charts. My kids love how easy they are to read and follow. And I love how it makes the day-to-day a little more fun! 

I plan to continue implementing more of the printables into our life as we go on. I am so happy I tried this!"

“I am a foster/adoptive mom of a very busy household. We added 7 family members in 6 years. I am ready to tackle the clutter and training of these children. 

I’m very excited to start using Kids Sorted with my kiddos. The hardest part of parenting is consistency. The printables in this pack will help me be more consistent in child training which will make us more successful as a family. I also really appreciate the variety of options. 

 We are jumping in with Chores and behavior charts unique to each child's needs. I’m also excited to have the tools in place in one download to organize all the "stuff" and papers that come into the house with six kids in school. This is so well thought out.”




The Kids. Sorted Pack includes colourful and motivating chore charts for every age and ability level. 

Classic write-on chore lists in two colour schemes.

These visual chore charts have space for both morning and evening chores, as well as an area to tally up results for the week - making them ideal for awarding pocket money based on chore completion. 

100% customisable using our included icon pack.

Print the chore tiles on magnetic paper to make this fun and interactive chart. Your child can move the magnet from one column to the other to show when a chore has been completed.

These charts enable you to set up specific routines for morning, afternoon and evening.

If you prefer to consolidate all daily chores into one chart, we've got you covered too!

Colour-coded icons clearly show which chores are for morning and which are for evening. Or use the divided version on the right to help kids easily focus on what they need to do right now.

100+ Chore Icons included!

If you've ever struggled to find a visual chore chart that actually includes all the chores you need, look no further! 

The Kids. Sorted pack includes over 100 icons, covering everything from household chores to homework, music practice, feeding pets, yard work, and self-care routines like flossing teeth and taking medication. The icons come both with captions and without, giving you complete flexibility to assign your own meanings to each image should you prefer.

Older children haven't been forgotten. Teach the discipline of consistency with our monthly chore tracker.

For a different approach, try the zones method! Each child is assigned a zone in the house to take care of, and given a list of daily cleaning tasks associated with that room. It's a great way to develop a sense of ownership!

Nag. Threaten. Yell. Feel guilty and frustrated. Repeat. 

Not any more! There is a better way!

The Kids. Sorted pack includes EVERYTHING you need to create a positive home culture and foster the GREAT behaviour you've always wanted!

This simple four-step system will transform your home!

1. Teach skills

If you're tired of recurring behaviour issues that never seem to improve, the "Kid skills" system is a positive approach that really works. 

A negative behaviour indicates a skill the child needs to work on. Examples of a skill could be obeying straight away, accepting a "no" instead of having a tantrum, or completing chores with a positive attitude. These worksheets help your child think through the benefits of developing the skill, and co-ordinated sticker charts help them track when they have used their skill for an entire day. Once the chart is full, they receive a very special reward!

2. Set clear expectations

Clear expectations are key for developing positive behaviour! 

Display your "House Rules" prominently with this gorgeous printable. 

If you've ever had trouble coming up with an appropriate consequence on the spot, brainstorm a bank of ideas to keep up your sleeve with the "Behaviour + consequences" printable.  

You can also record the consequences of breaking the rules, right on the House Rules chart - so there is no room for argument!

3. Add or withdraw privileges

If your children's behaviour has ever left you feeling angry, frustrated or helpless, these "Privileges charts" will empower you to stay calm and in control.

No more yelling or empty threats! Simply remove or add a privilege to give your child either a consequence or a reward.

Bedtime chart

Screentime chart

Move a marker up 

(to extend bedtime) 

or down (to make bedtime earlier). 

Folds to create a pocket for laminated pieces of screen time. Children can earn time or lose it - they are in control!

Privileges Pie

Choose 8 daily privileges that can be either earned or lost. When a pie piece is removed, the icon beneath appears as crossed out. 

Comes with 24 options for privileges including screen time, gaming, phone or iPod use, pocket money, extended bedtime, treat food, stickers and outings.

4. Motivate great behaviour

Marker charts

These "marker charts" are a great way to encourage small positive behaviours throughout the day, or give a visual warning for small negative behaviours. 

Just place a marker at the starting point, and ask the child to move their marker up or down. If they move up three places, they receive a reward. If the marker moves down three places, they receive a consequence. 

Sticker charts

Reward positive behaviours with these gorgeous, colourful sticker charts!

Keep kids motivated with exciting mini-rewards along the way - with the promise of a big prize at the end!

Bonus tickets

Put the fun back into your parenting with these cute bonus tickets! Keep a stash ready for moments when you want to surprise your child with a FUN reward for good behaviour.

Includes tickets for screen time, one-on-one time, extended bed time, and a special bedtime story.

Storage tub labels

Outgrown kids' clothes all in a jumble?

We have your storage needs sorted with these storage tub labels for girls' clothes, boys' clothes, and babies.

Print on sticker paper for quick & easy application!

Clothing labels

Teach kids to put away their own clothes in an orderly manner by clearly labelling the drawers and shelves in their room.

Labels for toys and craft supplies

Toys taking over the house? Make it easy for kids to pick up after themselves by clearly labelling where things go.

With 120 attractive chalkboard labels in this set, we've covered every toy category you could think of!

The Kids. Sorted binder set comes with 15 different divider covers to organise incoming paperwork into categories relating to school, extracurricular, medical, birthdays and more. Keep all your children's information neatly together and find what you need at your fingertips. 

There's also room to file all the printables and resources from the Kids. Sorted pack, so you can keep your home running like clockwork!

School book labels

Avoid lost belongings and give school books some flair with these adorable book labels.

Print on sticker paper for easy application, and your back-to-school prep will already be off to a flying start.

Term planners

If you've ever struggled to keep up with what's going on at school, help is at hand.

A term planner helps you stay on top of important due dates and school events, while the school projects tracker helps you prioritise and plan for assessment success.

The term planner comes in both a 10 and 12 week format.

Weekly activities schedule

What day is school library day? How about sports? It's hard enough to keep track of all the details with one child, let alone multiple kids! 

Use a weekly schedule so you never forget the sports shoes or library bag again. There's also room to display extracurricular commitments. 

Choose between a flexible vertical layout, a multiple children chart, or a simple write-on version.

Use the included weekly activities icons to make it visual! 72 icons are included - we've got you covered with everything from gymnastics and speech therapy to cheerleading and band. 

School memory box 


Celebrate precious memories and create order from the clutter with a school memory box.

Record milestones, display school photos, and showcase awards and favourite artworks.

Comes with an editable cover sheet to personalise with your child's name and grade level. 

This simple two-step system will help you create healthier and more varied lunches with less thought and zero guilt. 

Use the mix-n-match bank of lunchbox ideas to pull from, or write your own list of kid-approved favourites. 

Then use the lunchbox planner to jot down a simple overview for the week. 

Be a fun mum and show your kids you care. Keep a stash of these cute lunchbox love notes in your pantry to slip in with your child's lunch. Sure to make them smile!

Get into routine

Find your daily groove and help the days run smoother than ever by establishing simple routines for key times. 

Print the done-for-you routine charts, or personalise your own!

This pack of 36 palm-sized routine cards has multiple uses. 

Large, clear and colourful, the self-explanatory images are ideal for small children or kids with special needs who benefit from clear structure and predictability. 

Structure your day

Establishing a daily rhythm helps kids thrive. 

But that's not all - framing your days with a flexible structure also gives YOU a sense of purpose and order at home. 

If you've ever felt like days at home with kids drag on forever and yet you never seem to get anything done, this chart is a fun way to restore delight to the doldrums and calm to the chaos!

Print this bright rainbow of daily activities on magnetic paper, and slot in a fun and balanced range of experiences for everyday or holidays. Great for teaching kids the value of independent play, chores, quiet reading time, outdoor exercise and creativity in structuring a fulfilling day. 

Teach life skills

Clean teeth? Check. 

To form a lifelong healthy habit of brushing morning and night, try using these toothbrushing charts.

Comes in an individual or multiple siblings version. 

Manage money

Teach kids how to manage their money and set them up for a healthy financial future. 

The savings ledger encourages kids to set a savings goal and track where their money goes. 

Use the included labels to designate a jar for saving, another for giving and a third for spending. 

Practice makes perfect

Use the music practice chart to encourage a solid habit of daily practice. 

Also comes in a generic "star chart" version which can be used for any daily habit, practice or skill you desire to track.

Track habits

Track what you wish to improve. 

Ideal for teaching older children to master the discipline of daily consistency.

Track key habits for one month, or over a longer time period of six months.

Get inspired

Brainstorm a summer of fun and you're well begun!

Collect a bank of ideas for activities to try and holiday outings you might like to take.

There's even a summer bucket list for the kids to fill out!

Make a plan

Schedule outings, playdates and activities with this undated school holiday planner. 

With your bank of ideas to draw from and a plan in your hand, you'll never be stuck with long summer days of boredom again!

Picture the fun

Build anticipation by sharing holiday plans with the kids in a visual and exciting way! 

This holiday pack includes 168 fun icons of places to go, things to do and seasonal activities. With loads of free and creative activities included, this set is bound to spark inspiration and ideas for creating your best holiday ever!

Why not print the tiles on magnetic paper and display them on your weekly schedule? Kids LOVE these cute picture magnets and get so excited to see what is coming up!

Encourage initiative

"I'm bored." "Can I play on my iPad yet?"

Banish these common bugbears of school holidays with these charts. 

With the first, kids can see exactly what they need to do each day before they can have screen time. No more nagging!

The "Work for hire job board" is a great incentive for kids to earn extra holiday pocket money by completing optional chores at their own pace. Bored? Pick a job for hire!

Get kids reading

Encourage your kids to read and write every day with these fun printables!

The "reading challenge" logs all the books they read over the holidays.

The Summer Adventures journal can be printed out in multiple and spiral bound or stapled for kids to keep a daily record of their adventures and thoughts.

Make packing easy

Going away? Teach kids to pack independently with these clever printables. 

Simply write down the quantities they will need to pack and let them tick off each item themselves.

Laminate and use over and over again! Available pre-filled or blank to create your own custom list. 

Plan the perfect party

Take all the stress out of planning a kid's birthday party with this printable set. We have all the bases covered so you can relax and enjoy the festivities!

Record medical info

Keep an immunisation record so you don't lose track of those jabs.

The medication tracker is to write down dosages given when a child is sick - so you know when the next dose is safely due. 

Prep the babysitter

This convenient printable will ensure you never forget to pass on an important detail. 

With the kids' needs taken care of, you'll be able to enjoy your night out with peace of mind.

With over 175 pages of practical, solution-focussed printables, there is something here for every organising challenge you face with kids. 

But Kids. Sorted is not just a set of printables - it's so much more!

Your mega resource pack includes simple and comprehensive instructions for how to set up the systems that will restore peace and order to your home. 

You'll receive a powerhouse of tips, ideas and inspiration, with the practical tools to put them into action immediately.

It's time to create the peaceful, happy and efficient household you and your family deserve!

How much can you expect to pay?

For years I tried to cobble together a solution to my chaos using printables from Etsy. Not only did this feel ad hoc and incomplete - but those printables are expensive! Often you'll be charged $9-$12 AUD for a single page printable. With 176 pages of printables in this mega- pack, that would work out to over $1,500 to purchase all of them individually. (That's over a thousand dollars U.S.!)

But that won't do! My aim is to help as many women as possible to create a calm and organised home, so to achieve that goal, I wanted to make this pack accessible for absolutely everyone. 

That's why I decided to make a risky move and offer this pack for as low as I could possibly crunch the numbers. 

Not just at half the price you could expect to pay on Etsy... or a quarter of the price... or even a tenth of the price. 

The surprisingly low cost of a calm and organised home.

Kids. Sorted 

Mega resource pack




175 pages of printables

Complete how-to guide

A4 & U.S. Letter size

Instant download

Please note that all prices are in U.S. dollars.

Try it. Love it.

"I appreciate that this printable pack is useful for a wide variety of ages. I have a 2 and 3 year old, and while most of the pack is designed for older kids, there is a TON I can use now. I love that I can return to this in the years to come and use more and more of it as the kids grow. 

I've been learning about brain science, and how young children understand images more than language. I've used this pack to create a full-day visual schedule.

This has helped our home so, SO much.

 Transitions are easier because we look at the day in the morning, and when it’s time for a new task or outing, we remove the completed ones and see what’s left to do. Love it!” 


"My almost 5yr old son has started full time school this year, and I also have a 7mth old baby. I am the most unorganised person. 

I’ve been using this printable pack and so far we are loving the chore charts and lunchbox planning. The daily chores are great as my eldest can see what he has to do and so can I haha! 

We can’t wait to use the other printables, you’ve put together a really useful pack!"


"This is a gold mine of ideas and resources for parents and families! The attention to detail is incredible and the ideas are guaranteed to help make raising children a joy!

As a retired Kindergarten teacher, I spent a lot of time sharing parenting tips and ideas with families. This is a marvelous resource that I wish I had while I was teaching as well as when my children were young. 

 I was always searching for ways to 'work smarter, not harder', and Kids. Sorted. would have filled that need."


Two easy steps to a simpler life.



Print what you need, when you need it.

Enjoy a calmer home.

Remove the stress and overwhelm, so you can relax and enjoy your kids the way you've always wanted to!

With a library of practical resources at your fingertips, you'll be prepared for anything. Meet the daily challenges of family life like a boss!

Find your calm.

It's time to make some changes around here.

They say that if you keep doing what you've always done, 

you'll keep getting what you've always got. 

Luckily, you're smarter than that. 

It's time for a change. It's time to get the kids sorted.